Salvimar Predathor

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The Salvimar Predathor knife is one of the most compact dive knives on the market, designed to be discrete in the water. The total length of the knife is only 16cm. The blade of the knife is constructed of a double-edged 420 graded stainless steel with one serrated and one smooth edge.

The sheath of the knife is designed to provide an easy release using a clip locking mechanism allowing you to easily insert and remove the knife when you need to.

The knife is perfect for attaching anywhere due to its size. You can fix this knife to your forearm, arm, calf or weight belt. Available in acid green.


  • Compact 16cm length
  • 420 Stainless-steel
  • Double-edged blade
  • Serrated and smooth edge
  • Acid green handle
  • Easy release locking mechanism on sheath


WARNING: Titanium is the only blade on the market that is 100% guaranteed to resist rust. Even the best quality stainless steel will get surface rust. To reduce the accumulation of surface rust, it is recommended that the knife blade be rinsed with fresh water after each use and is dried immediately afterwards, to prevent the any yellow 'water spots' from forming on the blade surface. To prevent water spots from occurring apply anti-rusting agent to the knife blade after each use. DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE 'WATER SPOTS' BY GRINDING, USE A PURPOSE DESIGNED CALCIUM LIME REMOVER (C.L.R).